Last updated: April 23, 2008
Spring 2008
BIOM 272A and 274A: Seminars in Molecular Cell Biology and Genetics

Course co-directors:
Karen Oegema, PhD.
Binhai Zheng, Ph.D.

Course description:
This course will provide perspective on selected seminars representing diverse areas of modern biomedical sciences, including molecular cell biology, genetics/genomics, developmental biology and neurobiology. The course consists of one selected seminar on campus and one additional meeting (Friday 11:00-1:00 pm, CMME 2047) per week. The Friday meetings will combine a student-led discussion of the previous week's seminar (post-session) with an introduction to the upcoming seminar by a guest lecturer (pre-session). The guest lecturer (a senior student, postdoctoral fellow or faculty member from the local research community who works on a related research topic) will introduce the upcoming seminar following a format designed to encourage student participation.

Who may register:
BMS students who are interested in current topics in MCB and Genetics. Priority will be given to 1st year students.
For questions on registration, please contact Gina Butcher, email, phone 534-1823.

Course website:

Friday meetings (post- and pre- sessions):
Time: Friday 11:00 am - 1:00 pm (April 4 - June 6, with exceptions, see below)
Place: CMME 2047

Schedule (subject to change):
1) Exceptions in time and/or place are indicated in bold.
2) Class sessions are shaded in grey; seminars are indicated with white background.

Week Day Date Time Place Speaker Title or topic
1 Friday 4/4/08 11 - 1 pm CMME 2047 Dmitri Nusinow Pre-session for Lee
2 Thursday 4/10/08 4 pm CMG Jeannie Lee Sex chromosomes, heterochromatin, pairing, and stem cells
3 Wednesday 4/16/08 3 - 5 pm CMME 2047 Gene Yeo

Discussion: Leah Boyer and Mason Israel
Pre-session for Burge

3 Thursday 4/17/08 4 pm CMG Chris Burge Global patterns in alternative pre-mRNA splicing
3 Friday 4/18/08 11 - 1 pm CMME 2047 Gentry Patrick Discussion: Margaret Timmers and Bethany Sotak
Pre-session for Patrick
4 Tuesday 4/22/08 4 pm LBR 107 Gentry Patrick Synaptic regulation of the ubiquitin proteasome system
5 Monday 4/28/08 11 - 1 pm CMME 2047 Arshad Desai Discussion: No leader
Pre-session for Nogales
5 Thursday 5/1/08 4 pm CMG Eva Nogales Coupling of self-assembly processes at the microtubule kinetochore interface
5 Friday 5/2/08 - - - Class cancelled
6 Thursday 5/8/08 - - - Seminar cancelled (BMS off-site retreat)
6 Friday 5/9/08 11 - 1 pm CMME 2047 Maximiliano D'Angelo Discussion: Deanna Stevens and Taylor Gilliland
Pre-session skipped. Please read on Hetzer's work
7 Thursday 5/15/08 4 pm CMG Martin Hetzer Nuclear structure and dynamics
7 Friday 5/16/08 11 - 1 pm CMME 2047 Manuela Schuksz Discussion: Diane Bushman and Yun Liang
Pre-session for Bertozzi
8 Thursday 5/22/08 4 pm CMG Carolyn Bertozzi Chemical strategies for imaging glycans
8 Friday 5/23/08 11 - 1 pm CMME 2047 Wendy Huang Discussion: Chris Gregg and Loren Brown
Pre-session for Aderem
9 Thursday 5/29/08 4 pm CMG Alan Aderem A systems approach to dissecting immunity
9 Friday 5/30/08 11 - 1 pm CMME 2047 Jae Lee Discussion: Mary Winn and Cody Diehl
Pre-session for He
10 Tuesday 6/3/08 4 pm LBR 107 Zhigang He Extrinsic and intrinsic control of axon regeneration
10 Friday 6/6/08 11 - 1 pm CMME 2047 None Discussion Ariana Lorenzana and David Kochman
Wrap up/Course evaluation